Preliminary analysis


Introductory verification of your family information (names, dates, places)
which helps us to determine the research possibilities and records location

Research (per hour)


Minimal order: 6hrs ($210)
Research (number of hrs ordered) + standard report + records found + family charts (up to 3)

Small package


rate: $31.5 per hour - you save 10%
10hrs of research + standard report + records found + family charts (up to 3)

Medium Package (recommended)


rate: $29.75 per hour - you save 15%
20hrs of research + standard report + records found + family charts (up to 3)

Medium Package Extended


20 hrs of research + extended report + records found + GEDcom file + family charts (up to 5)

Large Package


rate: $24 - you save 30%
40hrs of research + standard report + records found + family charts (up to 9)

Large Package Extended


40hrs of research + extended report + all records found + full translations of up to 5 records + GEDcom file + family charts (up to 9)

Records: you will be provided with photos/scans of the records found in majority of cases. Some Catholic archives allow photos of direct ancestors only and siblings can be transcribed by hand. Belarussian archives do not allow to take photos.

Translations: full (word-by-word) translation of the records is not provided, however the report contains all the crucial info extracted from the records. The full translation of church and civil records, as well as family letters and other documents can be also provided, at extra cost – learn more.

Project hours are approximate and include time allocated to research, research support, report preparation and client support.

No guarantee: Due to the variable nature of genealogical research, Polish Genius cannot predict or guarantee the results of research.

All prices in USD. If interested, ask for pricelist in your currency.

How does it work?

1. Get in touch to explain your needs and objectives. Fill in the free preliminary research form, prepare any documents you have, you may also share the link to your Ancestry tree.

2. Based on the information provided, a preliminary analysis will be performed. I will get back to you within seven working days with information about the possibilities and a project estimate.

3. You choose the package adjusted to your goals and budget and will be asked to transfer a deposit (up to 50%, via Paypal). Upon receiving the payment, I will start the research.

4. The final report along with the records and family charts will be sent to you, as well as the invoice for the outstanding balance. Usually the report is sent within 2 weeks. The report will also include the recommendations for further research (if applicable)

5. Within the next 14 days – if needed – I will gladly answer any of your questions, discuss the results (via email or chat) and further steps.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the difference between standard and extended package?
A: Depending on your needs, you can choose an extended package which will get you additionally a GEDcom file which you can import to genealogy software and websites of your choice (for example: FamilySearch, MyHeritage, Ancestry and more) as well as an extended version of the research report. In case of Large Package, the extended version qualifies you to full translations of up to five records of your choice.

An extended report contains additionally sections regarding:
– historical overview of ancestral locations, 
– historical maps and photos, if possible
– origins of the surnames from the direct lines
– information of the occurence of the surnames in modern Poland
– family fan chart that can be printed and framed

Q: Can I buy a package and have one than more line researched?
A: Yes, when you buy a Medium or Large packet, it is possible to research 2 or more branches from different areas 

Q: Can we split the payments?
A: I am happy to adjust the payment plan to your needs such as installments or montly payments (for larger projects)

I accept Paypal and Revolut payments. I work on a prepayment basis. Don’t hesitate to ask for an estimate.

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