I have known Kasia for 20+ years and I have visited with her on most of my bi-annual trips to Poland. I have always been amazed at how well Kasia speaks and writes English.
Kasia's knowledge of Poland and genealogy is very impressive. Her research and translation skills are excellent. I highly recommend her.
Debbie Greenlee
Co-founder of Polish Genius mailing list; PGSA
I have been working with the Polish Genius genealogist for the last year researching my family roots in Poland. I have shared my reports with other relatives. One comment stated it was “very professional and informative” (this relative was an editor of a Polish newspaper in Chicago). Another commented on the accuracy of the reports since they were partially being sourced from church records in Poland (this relative is a lawyer in Los Angeles). He noted that church records were the most accurate source for recordkeeping in Poland during the time researched. My own observations include accurate and timely reports. The genealogist prepared a total of 12 detailed reports for me. These reports included sections for (1) the subject that was being researched (“Intro”), (2) the Research Scope, (3) Summary of Findings, (4) Recommendation for Future Research and (5) Attached Record of the Documents (i.e. birth certificates, church records and ship passenger logs. There was even a copy of my ancestor’s signature! verifying the findings. The report included family charts with names and dates. Also included were maps of locations in Poland relating to family geography there. Pictures of churches were on the cover page and headings included (1) the name researched, (2) Research Report # and (3) date of report. My follow up questions were responded to promptly. I checked with other relatives about research pricing. The pricing per hour was very reasonable. Recently, I have shared the reports with a few relatives and they would definitely use this genealogist when they had questions on their particular family research project. I would highly recommend Polish Genius as a research tool for family roots in Poland. The genealogist, Kasia Rutkowska, is worth your time and money.
Ronald Walter Karaszkiewicz
Research projects around Konin, Gniezno, Płock, Augustów, Bieżuń (2022)
If you are interested in hiring someone to do Polish genealogy research, I highly recommend Kasia. Her fees are very reasonable and she keeps you updated as to how many hours she has used and asks ahead of time if she should continue with the research or not if you're nearing the end of the research hours you paid for. She has researched both my maternal and paternal branches of my family and has also translated several documents I had that were written in Polish, which I can't read. She is very knowledgeable and her attention to detail is superb. She does a very professional report when her research is done - mine included an ancestral tree, maps, pictures of my ancestral village, cemeteries, churches - all relative to my family. I was amazed how much she found. She is not only thorough, but also easy to work with and is always willing to take the time to discuss my concerns and responds in a timely manner to any questions I may have. She even will explain the Polish customs to help understand why things are the way they are in Poland. I am very confident in recommending Kasia's very qualified services - you won't be disappointed.
Sandy Morgan
Research projects in Podlasie and Lublin areas
I was very pleased with Kasia’s research on my ancestors from the Galicia area. Her report was very thorough and informative. She completed the work quite quickly and suggested what further research could be done. I would recommend her to anyone researching their ancestors.
Erica Furbacher
Research project in Lwów area
I reached out to Kasia after exhausting my searches on Ancestry research platforms. Kasia was extremely attentive, responsive, stuck with the facts, and transparently shared unexpected news uncovered in her searches. She went out of her way to make sure nothing was left uncovered and we extremely conscientious with her time….I give her my highest possible recommendation! She is awesome.
Kerry LaPlante
Research project in Sandomierz area
I don't trust people and it took some time to trust you but, the Polish Genius is trustworthy, Kasia was able to find my family after years of searching on my own and through other Genealogy web sites.
She is quick with results. She is truly a "Genius". I just love her.
Susanne Sapa
Research project in Tarnów area
I am so happy that you were able to find something when I had limited information to begin with. Also, it was very nice that you included a couple of pictures and the map.  (I always get confused as to where places are in Poland because of all the boundary changes in Poland over the years)
Debra J.
Research project in Konin area
If you would like to add your review, please send me a message.
Thank you, Kasia

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