How does it work?

1. Get in touch and indicate the amount you want to give as a gift, the recipient will choose the services / packages they want to redeem it against.

2. I will issue an invoice and once it is settled (via Paypal) I will issue the voucher and email it to you.

3. I can also personalize the voucher with filling “to:”, “from:” and “message:” as per your directions

4. Once you receive the voucher you can gift it either by email or a printed copy

5. Each voucher holds a unique code that needs to be presented in order to redeem it.

Recommended values:
$250 – covers a basic plan (6-8hrs of research, depending on the chosen package)
$700 – covers a medium plan which gives you a good overview of your Polish background (four to five generations)

However, the voucher can be issued for as little as $50. 


To order a voucher please email me by clicking the button below.

I accept Paypal and Revolut payments. I work on a prepayment basis. Don’t hesitate to ask for an estimate.

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